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Student in the United Kingdom

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Hiiii! I'm Allie, but you can call me Maki or Maru if ya want

Umm, I love Maki,Maru,Monaca and Maria too much (I also have a thing for wives who's names begin with M 🌚) I'm also far too obsessed with Heathers, so I post a lot of that too.

Please only follow if you're interested in the things I love, and/or if you will tag me as some of my Kins ✨

Uhm,kins I guess

-Hanamaru Kunikida-

-Maki Nishikino-

-Monaca Towa-

-Maria Yumeji-

-Nao Kamiya-

-Veronica Sawyer-

I'd really appreciate it if you tagged me as them if you do post something to do with them 🌟

Once you've read this, please DM me a picture of any of my aforementioned wives and caption it "All hail queen zuramaru"

Thank You! 💖