Alline Jajah

Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil

· Organized + 20 Tech Events like the first Startup Weekend hosted in a slum (Rio/Brazil) and a Global Edition

· Social Media Estrategy and Digital Content Advisor at Young Protagonist Project, developedby the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, which aims to create opportunities foryoung NEETs, those who neither study nor work in countries associated with the Federation.

* Since 2013, work in national entrepreneurship programs around all Brazil,served as Events Director, Creative Economy Director and Tech EventsDirector.

· Engaged 2,500+ people over 6 months to be educated about entrepreneurship in a governmental program

· Promote the International Crowdsourcing Conference for 3 years, reaching thousands of professionals and executives

· Promote National Conference from Entrepreneurship and Startups 2014/2015

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