Allison Carlysle

Web Developer in Monterey, California

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A professional clown by trade, Allison Carlysle (also known as Punkinhead Allie in many a circus sideshow) juggles life with not one but two open cans o’ Coke in one hand, an Apple and a Samsung in the other (gasp!), a camera around her neck, earphones glued to her ears, spreadsheets stuck to her forehead, a half pint dog attached to her left leg and the claws of the world’s meanest cat embedded in her right shoulder. On the rare occassion that the circus is closed, she is otherwise found hunched over a far too tiny Macbook in the back booth of Panera, simultaneously click, click, clicking away at three browsers while working her way through the 4 million songs that have never been played on Spotify... not even once. *Sad face* Due to a very unfortunate accident, she no longer runs with scissors. You should catch her show. It is most fascinating!

But what do you do? For over 15 years, I have been employed as an IT Consultant in the areas of project management, business development, market research, online marketing, social media, eCommerce, open source, application development, web development & graphic design. I find the world wide web is much like the Big Top in real life less the risk of being crushed by an elephant. :P