Allison C. Page

Bellingham Washington

I am a current Student Intern for Campus Equity and Inclusion Forum at Western Washington University (WWU). Studying to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in MultiDisciplinary Studies with focus on Psychology and Communication Studies. My expected graduation date is June 2016. I have passion and talent for applying the art and science of psychology to people in the workplace. My experience with studying abroad through Western's Institute of Village Studies brought my awareness to cultural diversity. Working as a behavior therapist with Endless Potential for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I recognize the importance of equal opportunities for all members of our community. My previous work and educational experiences have aided to my ability to bridge emotional and social competency with organizational skill. Revealing my innate sense of purpose for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment to promote health, safety, and the well being for all workers. Everyone on earth has a story, and I am truly excited to hear and understand as many of those stories as I can in my lifetime. As Clifford Geertz says, "Culture is the stories we tell about ourselves."

  • Work
    • Behavior Therapist
  • Education
    • Western Washington University