Allison Kobosky


My top five Strengths are: Empathy, Belief, Responsibility, Developer, and Connectedness. I am not surprised that my top strength is empathy because I have always been very understanding of other people and their feelings. This is something that I have had with me for as long as I can remember. Empathy is a moral that I would not be able to live without. I really try to put other people before myself in everything I do and I make it a priority to be there whenever someone in my life seems like they needs help. My goal is to one day be able to do this in my career in the fashion industry. Working for a one for one company that gives back to others who are in need would make me feel as if I am using my education and job to help make a difference peoples lives. Being able to help others through fashion is a goal that I really started to involve myself in since I have arrived at The Ohio State University.


This was a breakthrough assignment for me this semester. I originally picked a job as a buyer for a brand that I like to shop at but in the back of my mind; I knew this was not a sufficient job to be labeled as my "dream." It would be fun to work for the company that I originally chose, but a part of me would be missing in my work. My desire to help others is something that I must be able to express in order to feel truly happy. I began to search for more jobs and I ended up on the TOMS website career page. TOMS is a company that I love and have supported for a long time. I found a job description for a Retail Field Program Manager, which sounded like a perfect fit that could incorporate my love for fashion and for giving.


For this assignment, I chose to create a tradition of my own. I wrote about my frequent trips to the Browning Amphitheater in the beginning months of the semester. This was my go to study spot and I ended up there in between classes almost every day. I love begin outside and enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer. I am so blessed to go to college on a campus that is so beautiful. From Browning Amphitheater I was able to see Mirror Lake and all the surrounding trees. It was so exciting to see all the leaves change colors as fall began. This spot made studying for all my quizzes and midterms not so bad! This tradition has helped me remember to always take time to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.