Allison Morris

Web Design and Social Media Manager in Reno, Nevada

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When I'm not working on websites and marketing campaigns, I dabble. I am a dabbler.

I've worked on various projects, including the filming of the documentary Reuse: Because You Can't Recycle the Planet. I love a good project. I am a helper extraordinaire and I am happiest in the service of others. I am proficient in the art of musing, dazzling the tastebuds and dancing around the kitchen. I am a nerd for nutrition and find passion in providing nourishment for all facets of life. I value my DIY, jar saving, reusing, repurposing lifestyle, finding joy in breathing new life into old things. I love life on the road and travel every chance I get. I do my best to find balance in nesting and being nomadic. I find peace in the great outdoors, emersing myself in nature every chance that I get. My happiest days are filled with the people I love, my furry friends, sunshine and red wine.

  • Work
    • MH Websites + Marketing
  • Education
    • B.A. with Honors | Communication Theory | Park University | 2005