Allison Perri Newman

marketing & Communications Manager in Boston, Massachusetts

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From rural Virginia to the beautiful Bay State, I have always valued compassionate and supportive communities. At their best when equitable and diverse, these communities are essential to creating substantial change in the world, where people of all backgrounds are encouraged, empowered, and equipped to achieve their goals.

Believing deep empathy and sincere human connection are the strongest forces of good, my own personal and professional goals center around making the lives of those around me better, however I can. With open, honest, and candid communication, I aim to help people see their own value and importance.

I love Boston more than anything, and I’m eternally grateful to the city for giving me the chance to become who I want to be. I run my life with color-coded planners and innumerable lists. If I’m lucky enough to meet you, undoubtedly I’ll bore you with my incessant conversation about the best live band karaoke songs, the beauty of Boston accents, my absurd love of Mountain Dew, my adorable and wildly misbehaved dog Brandon, and the genius of Kanye West.

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