Allison Schumaker

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Hi there! My name is Allison. I’m 23 and I live in the fantastic city of Cleveland, Ohio. I have a degree in music education…I currently teach early childhood music at a swanky private school and work as an intern at John Carroll’s study abroad office.

Most of this blog is dedicated to my time in Vienna, Austria during the fall of 2011, and I’m working to go back and rewrite some of my posts so that they are a little more useful to the average reader.

My current adventure is adult life…I’m trying to find as much time as I can to travel while holding down a job. Eventually, I plan on moving abroad and either teaching music in an international school or teaching english.

I use couchsurfing quite a bit, so feel free to connect with me on there if you’d like.

If you have any questions about my travels or anything else, feel free to ask.