Hari Kishan Alluri

Hari Kishan Alluri

I am an Engineer - Automotive - Engines - Robotics - Artificial Intelligence - Systems Thinker - Game Developer - Programmer - Disciple of Science - Love to share knowledge - Entrepreneur - Believer in Good - Inventor - Social Worker

"I would like to be a part of an eclectic group which strives to think out of box and implement innovative ideas for the benefit of both industry and society"

I worked on numerous projects with applications ranging from Agriculture to Aeronautics. Some of them are

Path Planning Robot

Convertible Tricopter

Variable Length Intake Runner for Engine performance optimization

Founder of Appskrit, iOS games development for fun and education.

Currently working at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and looking for PhD opportunity in System Optimizations

Interests:Applications of Artificial Intelligence in like Powertrains.