Allyn Bailey

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

How do you make 30 years count? Allyn Bailey decided that the best way was to secure a career that helps people. By selling insurance, you ask? No, by listening to couples share their dreams. Taking notes about growing families make big plans for their little one. Considering scenarios for estate plans and business succession plans. By bringing a spectrum of resources, a network of experts and a fuller perspective of insurance, finance and life planning.

What’s in your circle? Student drivers, multiple cars, lake house, fishing boat, family minivan, sports car, home for your elderly parents – all of these loved ones and things need proactive protection. Living life to the full involves risk and reward. The most valuable insurance solutions are based on supporting your lifestyle, your speed, your memories today and for years to come.

Helping people live proactive protected lives runs in the family. Allyn Bailey, LLC was established as a result of three generations of women owned businesses – yes, three generations of insurance agents. Grandmother, Mother and Allyn continues the legacy. Throughout a full career filled with peaks and valleys and more peaks, Allyn has seen her fair share of insurance companies and insurance sales professionals and their approach to pushing policies and premiums. AllynBailey, LLC is established on this one commitment: your advantage. That means leveraging the most relationship resources, the most careful liability review in order to generate the most appropriate solutions. You will encounter passion for what we do in how we deliver these three fundamentals for each of our clients: Analysis + Solutions + Advantage.

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