Alma Cardi

Evaluation Expert in Alghero

My mission

To evaluate and shape policies and strategies

To create integrated instruments for decisional concertation.

To unleash the power of strategic partnerships.

To generate cultural aggregations and social awareness.

My background

The diverse combination of ICT, communication, research and education has been the core of my international career. My experience was developed mainly within public, no-profit and academic organizations in Europe such as the University of Tübingen and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Research in Germany, the European Commission in Luxembourg and Brussels, the Research and Advisory Center in Cambridge (UK).

My current job

I am responsible for the Research Office of the Department for Humanities and Social Sciences, which deals with all research-related issues. The Office also cares for the international networks to ensure the best set of strategic partnerships and is responsible for research evaluation related matters.

As external Evaluation Expert I work for the European Commission, Italian Ministries and European Programs’ Managing Authorities. I contribute to policies, programs and projects evaluation processes in the fields of INNOVATION, LEARNING, SKILLS, and CULTURE.

My interests

My current research interests lies in evaluation, in skills development and in the changing paradigm of work dynamics.

My way

I regularly travel for business but carry most of my work from Sardinia, taking full advantage of online technologies and remote collaboration.

My civic engagement

I have been Deputy Mayor for Economic and Strategic Development, Tourism, European Policies of the Municipality of Alghero. I resigned because of irreconcilable political and administrative visions. I am politically and socially engaged in my region.

Specialties: competitive culture & competences, Skills, Technology Supported Learning/Communication/Working, Institutional Communication & Relations, Virtual Management.

  • Work
    • Dept. Human & Social Sciences - Univ. of Sassari
  • Education
    • University of Tubingen
    • University of Sassari