Amanda McMurrey

Amanda McMurrey

I'm at the beginning of my career, but already have a full bank of experiences.

Originally from Texas, I split time between the big city of Dallas and a small town outside of Austin. I can barrel race and cook a mean plate of enchiladas.

After Texas, I went to upstate New York. Working my way through college via ROTC, I had adventures that many can't claim as their own. In those four years, I led military battle drills in waist-deep snow, traveled to Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Denmark and France, and wrote countless essays on literature and film.

After realizing the east coast wasn't the best coast for me, I hit the trail to Oregon. Because of my military service, I decided to make my way through law school.

Now, I'm on the other side of school and feel inspired by a less than traditional approach to my career. I focus on the activities I love: writing, collaborating, educating, and learning. The law is a wonderful foundation that is incredibly empowering. As I shake off the years of hovering over law books, court opinions and pieces of legislation, I'm rounding out my skill set with more creative endeavors. The latest skill addition is a little web design.

In my free time, I assist up-and-coming non-profits focused on alternative models to affordable housing, sustainable energy consumption, and social innovations for government. I also focus on my creative writing practice, am a permaculture enthusiast, and when I'm not watching an obscure Spanish film I like to hike and climb with the rest of the northwest.