Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello. My name is Al. I live in Glasgow but do like to get about a bit.

I’m currently a trainee Primary School Teacher at Strathclyde University.

For years and for larks I’ve been writing and playing music in my band, Le Reno Amps. We’re dead good. Honestly. At some stage we were going to get minted and hang out with babes but whilst looking the other way, that ship sailed. Babe-free, we got busy with other stuff.

When I’m not doing proper work I co-run a record label with my good friend, Scott (also of Le Reno Amps). It’s called Armellodie Records.

When I’m not busy with that I like to work with like-minded musical good guys and so do some freelance PR under the guise of Braw PR.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid music fan and collector. From my salad days furrowing back catalogues on CD (due thanks to the sadly departed One-Up Records of Aberdeen for the best second-hand section known to ears), to nowadays where you could say I was a record-head or vinyl reviver if you like. I collect records.

Braw Power is an attempt to house all these creative fingers-in-pies but mainly it’s just an excuse to take pretty pictures of records and wax lyrical about tunes, new and old. For funsies y’ken. Yeah!