Alpha Echo

Alpha Echo is the art of San Francisco Bay Area native, Araceli Espinoza, a young Mexican-American woman with a passion for life and love. Born and bred into a melting pot of art, music and diverse culture, Araceli has a deep appreciation for all things creative and unique. Her eclectic Bay Area roots are evident in her individual style and permeate through each of her creations.

Influenced by her love of Japanese pop-culture and all things cute, Araceli's art ranges from colorful whimsy to controversial and bold. Inspired by personal experience and her passion to explore different parts of the world, her art is a true reflection of a kindred spirit with a desire to evolve through knowledge and self reflection.

Alpha Echo's original art collection is available to the discerning fancier of pop culture with an open mind and heart. Her portfolio includes digital illustrations, paintings, photography and mixed media works. Commissioned pieces available upon request.