Adrian L. Ridley

Natural born net-worker with a blue collar work ethic bless with a Entrepreneurial Ambition that denies me sleep !

I continue to be thankful for my talent of patience and blind respect; that is until the subject shows what's behind the mask, and that opportunity for doing godly things is wasted between us.

For my family and friends, there is nothing I wont do for them.

This project is about me doing my part to give back to my community, and light a fire under people who needed a little motivation and help.

Business side of things:

Buzz Corp Interactive exists to support fund raising, marketing, and recruiting. The firm's major focus is to establish the market for our Mobile Content Delivery to all mobile devices 100% of the time.

Our philosophy of allowing the experts to execute with their expertise, and assist us in 100% conversion allows for a prosperous, natural and organic business relationships.

We are members of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), the International Virtual Reality Photographers Association (IVRPA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). We are under contract with General Services Administration to provide web support marketing and advertising services to US governmental or Private clients.

Our approach is to capture and integrate content created in a studio or "live" at an event. We then distribute this content in various formats such as CD-ROM and USB drive Buzz-Cards™ for laptops or desktops. We also distribute mp3, mp4, and 3gps and all other excepted formats for cell phones. We use Bluetooth, Wifi, and other new technologies to deliver content to cell phones and other mobile devices.

I'd like to add you to my Ad Pods Bluetooth and Wifi professional network.

- Adrian Ridley