Mohammed Alrokayan

I am a teacher assistant at the Information System Department, College of Computer and Information Science at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and a researcher in the same department working with a cloud operating system project. I was a project manager assistant for the ERP project in the same university. I participated in establishing several IT companies. I worked as a Social Committee Director on the Students Activities Committee. I participated in several conferences, symposiums, workshops, and I organized an exposition. I won two big prizes: the second rank in AEC’s best graduate project, and the first rank in Mawhiba competition in the Gulf. I have been awarded a scholarship for Master and PhD, and I’m now in Melbourne, Australia studying Master of IT at The University of Melbourne.

Also, I'm the founder and the president of

My Area of Interests are:Web technologies development, enterprise system development, cloud computing, establishing organisation, teaching, project management, research, IT consultation.

My Vision is :Moving people from consumption to productivity and sharing the experience and knowledge with others.