Alternative Economics

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Alternative Economics is about redefining economic theory. Starting from the initial question of ‘What economics today is’, Alternative Economics looks to analyze the elements within social, political and economic influences that truly define this broad field. It’s time we shared our side of the story.

By applying design thinking (deconstructing then reconstructing) to economic theory, we hope to open up creative minds and provide them with a platform for expression free from influenced and broad based ways of thinking. It’s time for change. It’s time for plan B.

Prequel to Alternative Economics: With most countries undergoing large social, economic, and political changes, there is a strong urge to define contemporary economic theory. A rebranding boom has swept the world over these last few years. Every brief for a new visual identity asks for the same thing: Develop a new set of thinking. But no one seems to be able to decide what that means. What economics is, is hard to define, and so often misconstrued, that finding unifying visual elements to represent it is virtually impossible. It doesn’t exist yet.

By throwing economic theory under the microscope, we hope to open up a new array of possibilities and experiment with the elements of what makes the world evolve. The outcome? Pushing boundaries, exploring trials and social change.