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Broadly speaking, the life cycle of an expired area has been:

1 - the area is registered

2 - a website is made to the site

3 - the domain is endorsed

4 - the domain gets guests

5 - the domain is not re-registered and the domain expires

Readers can still reach the domain, and then see that.., once the domain expires.

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Generally, the life cycle of an ended site has been:

1 - the area is registered

2 - a web site is built on the area

3 - the site is endorsed

4 - the website gets readers

5 - the domain isn't re-registered and the domain expires

Readers may still get to the domain, and then see that there's no site there any more, when the domain ends. I learned about linklicious alternative by browsing newspapers. These readers may be visiting your website.

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With this specific list of areas, after that you can conduct research into each area. The main thing to check on is to see how many backlinks they've - ie how many websites link to each site. O-n several search engines, using the expression 'link:' (note the colon) ahead of the