The Altilis Sailboat

New Bern, North Carolina

Altilis is a 27ft Admiral sailboat owned by Kenny Barrow. Altilis is named from the scientific name for the breadfruit tree, and it's relation to Capt.'s Bligh & Cook.DescriptionAltilis is the scientific name for the breadfruit tree. A tree which Captain Bligh took to the Islands under orders from Captain Cook. The voyages were for the purpose of providing food for the islanders who lived there.

The tree is very hardy, and has spread to all parts of the coastal world, where the temperature is warm.

We are hoping after her restoration, she will eventually visit her cousins of which she was named, and take us along to taste the Breadfuit in the exotic locations where they grow.

When purchased she was in need of a little TLC. Thinking she had a serious leak in her hull, the previous owner was in the process of stripping her down, and was going to allow her to sink.

On July 18th 2012 Kenny purchased her and began the restoration.

With approximately 6 inches of water inside various compartments, Kenny his friends and family, began working on her bilge pumps, pumping out water and searching for leaks to seal.

All of the leaks were found from the topside deck, and it was determined that the hull was in very good shape. Altilis was not ready to end her life at the bottom of the sea.

Kenny begin the drying out process, but unfortunately, the interior bulkheads, sustained damage in all areas where the water had remained for so long.

Now that the leaks were stopped, The restoration continues to progress towards her original condition, before upgrading her with features fitting such a hardy boat.

If you would like to see how she progresses during this and future journeys, please join in on the conversations on her Facebook page and the articles on her website.

  • Education
    • 30yrs of experience on the water