Altin Kaftira

Filmmaker and Photographer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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filmmaker: director, camera operator, editor

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In 2007 I took the tough decision to finally part ways with my dancing career. A career which took me travelling all around the world dancing on major stages for many years. I met so many people, made friends and learned their life stories.

Since when I was living in Greece (before moving to Netherlands in 1995) I had started to develop a new passion: making films. At the beginning, I had no plans what to do with all the images I was capturing. I was simply fascinated with the fact that after leaving behind a limited economic life in Albania, I was able to own a camera and capture moments of real life with it. Moments which with every second passing would only be part of the past, would only 'live' in my video tapes. Isn't it fascinating?

Today beside capturing moments of life, I create films for different mediums too: TV commercials, promos, virals, corporate films and short documentaries for online and other screenings. My goal is to always create a striking movie which goes beyond transmitting a message- a film that excites and moves the viewer.

I can create productions from scratch, develop ideas and concepts, write scenarios, film, edit and deliver the final work to the desired medium. I can work on my own if the project allows (one-man-does-it-all), or can build a team according to the requirements.Beside creating work for production agencies, who are looking for inspiring videos and photography, most of my days at the moment are happily spent creating promotional, artistic videos and capturing stills for Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.

Like film, I have self-taught photography. Photography and video may be close to one another as mediums but each require different techniques.