Altynai Idinova


That is the word most people use to describe me because of all the time and effort I put into my work.

I graduated high school at the Prague British School with my IB Diploma. During my high school years I have accomplished many things, such as completing the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (a British youth awards program). Here I learnt the importance of planning, team work and perseverance.

I also did some volunteer work helping the children from the Klokanek children's home, where I helped raise money and organise various events (such as a Halloween Party, Zoo trip, Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas Party, International Evening).

After graduating a took a gap year where I worked at my school as a teacher assistant. Here I organised various activities for the children to do, as well as helped them with their school work.

Later I worked as a receptionist at a museum where I learnt to deal with international customers. Here my skills in speaking various languages really helped (English, Russian, Kyrgyz, Czech, German)

During my gap year I also had more time for my hobbies, such as playing violin.