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In case there's any delay, the consulate will get in contact with you on the topic. The embassy often receives e-mails from European citizens that are in touch with a person from this region on the internet. All are requested to present financial proof which they can support themselves in the type of a bank statement.

If you're arranging a visit to France from New York, USA you're at the perfect spot. France's weather can be exceedingly diverse and changes from area to area and city to city. For this, it needs to be your main destination.

You should note you will have to supply additional confirmed bookings documentation for each of the other countries that you're proposing to visit and evidence of the way of transport used to travel to them. Please be aware that visa fees are normally not refundable, regardless of what the result of your application. Therefore, if you're asking for a Schengen tourist visa, be very careful, and prevent the subsequent mistakes to increase your likelihood of approval.

If you're a citizen of a country on the next list, you are needed to acquire a Schengen visa in order to see the Schengen nations. Click the arrow below Do I require a visa to find out when you are in need of a visa to enter France. Folks with fat passports filled with lots of of visa stamps (like Schengen ones) 2.

If you're travelling to more than 1 country during your trip that you'll need to acquire a Schengen Visa from the consulate of the nation you want to visit first. If you want to visit two or more Schengen States but you don't have any major destination, you want to apply for your visa at the Embassy of the nation that you mean to go to first. After travelling to France you can take advantage of this visa to visit any other Schengen country.

If you are planning to visit just one Schengen country, you will want to submit an application for the Schengen visa directly with the embassy or consulate of that specific nation. It is essential that you receive an appointment with the consulate prior to applying for your France Schengen visa. Finding a visa If you call for a visa for your trip to the Netherlands, you will need to apply for one at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your nation.