Alvin Wong

I have a passion for life, in a decaying and dying world, I try to capture beauty. I try to encapsulate moments of the physical timeline in a single shot to my best ability. Like grains of sand that are at the mercy of the hour glass, our time, is in the hands of forces of the universe. Our life is like a clothes line, our daily experiences, big or small, good or bad, are attached to that clothes line. The human eye, presented with a kazillion elements of the environment, can only manage to capture the big picture, the gist. But then, the intricate details that construct the big picture are left unnoticed.

What drives my photography is my desire to encapsulate moments. My pictures, used as the tool, the capsule, when opened- releases a floodgate of stored memory and recreates the specific atmosphere, emotions, and motions in its absolute rawness. Every picture I take, I want to have character. A character which tells a story- presenting the viewer with a plot, but ultimately, the deciphering and interpretation of the story is up to the viewer. Allowing a single picture, to have multiple narratives yet still remain individualistic. Life is short, and unpredictable, Every season, though the same, will never be the same as the last. But pictures; defy the laws that govern us. In an instant, we're teleported back to where and who we once were. It is these seemingly insignificant moments, that create and define who we are. No two people have the same experience of the same event. Pictures, are an opportunity for viewing things from a different lense...

This is not a business, this is a dream; fuelled by my passion, sparked by my love and inspired by my creativity. This is just me. I might be random I might be weird but I AM ME.