Alyana Ladha

Toronto, ON

I am an aspiring journalist, finding my way around the city of Toronto and hopefully one day into the pages I- and so many others- read religiously.

Currently in my first year at Ryerson University, I have embarked on my own personal journey to climb my way up in the ever- so media indulged society we live in today. My favourite read is, and always will be Vogue Magazine, but I do always have my head in the paper or a book or any piece of writing for that matter, if not my own journal. Writing has always been a safe haven for me, and being able to turn my passion into a career means that, as has been said, I will never really work a day in my life. Other than at my part time jobs, that is!

  • Work
    • Jack Astor's Front Street West
  • Education
    • Ryerson University School of Journalism