Alycia Meeker

event marketing, TV-Film Production, and Event Management in Atlanta, Georgia

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Good values, spunk, resiliency and tenacity. These qualities have shaped my professional journey to date. It has been a path which included seizing rare opportunities, overcoming naive missteps, and making purpose driven choices.

With a career in sports and entertainment for the past 15+ years, I have often been asked, "Why do I want to work in this industry?" My answer is not simply "Because I am a fan!" No, it is more than just the nostalgia and tribal belonging accompanying fandom. For me, it is rooted in the deep interconnections that this industry creates among people and communities. Where else do you get to work with such influencers and top brands? No matter who I talk to my career has always sparked interesting conversations and developed connections easily. People everywhere engage on some level to the industry and it is exciting to be a part of that!

As for my skills, I am action personified. My focus is on getting things done, gaining me the reputation of being reliable and meeting timelines. Able to juggle a heavy workload, I know the importance of organization and prioritization and I excel in fast-paced, dynamic environments.

From administrative operations, to events, to client servicing to television production to media relations, I have a diverse and well rounded skill set. Cultivating high quality in all that I do is my goal. Because, when you value excellence, success will follow.

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    • Event, Productions, Projects
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin, Madison