Alyssa Jarrett

Marketing Manager in San Jose, California

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My primary passion is sharing my love for writing in everything that I do. In 2012, after graduating with my Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism, I transitioned from print reporting to my current career in the tech industry as a marketing manager. With experience in high-performance supercomputing to enterprise scale-out software, I excel in creating knowledgeable, engaging content that relays Big Data concepts to both technical and business audiences.

When I'm not writing white papers and customer case studies, you can find me online discussing the latest literary topics. My personal blog Book Club Babe is home to my reviews of books, film adaptations, and various other matters in the world of words. You can follow Book Club Babe on Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, and Google+.

  • Education
    • CSU Fresno
    • UCSC