Alys Jordan

My library and higher education experience includes thirteen years of outreach activities to graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members, curriculum development, research, instruction, database management, and collection development in academic institutions. In my present position I serve in a joint-use library where I teach, designing, assess, and managing embedded information literacy components in academic disciplines. Moreover, my liaison experiences consist of developing, promoting, managing, and collaborating with faculty members teaching business, criminal justice, human services, English, theatre, education, and psychology courses to integrating information literacy into their courses. The information literacy components serves to evaluate and retrieve printed and online resources, synthesize resources and use APA 6th edition appropriately in undergraduate and graduate courses. Additionally, I have provided outreach programs in collaboration with student organizations, the Student Affairs divisions, and academic departments to develop comprehensive seminars to meet their research needs. I have assisted in implementing and providing feedback from LibQUAL assessments, as well as leading focus groups, creating and analyzing instructional surveys.

Additionally, I hold a Master of Science in Information Studies and a Specialist in Education degree in Library and Information Studies. Both advanced degrees have assisted in improving my ability to organize and coordinate duties efficiently, as well as collaborate with faculty, staff, and students. I have created instructional support materials, participated in collection development, provided outreach services to the academic community, general public, and Fulbright participants. Presently, I am pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership. I enhanced my teaching, leadership, analytical, and communication skills by completing two years of coursework towards a Ph.D. in religion and a Master of Arts degree in religion. Earning the Masters of Arts degree in Religion afforded me the opportunity to teach undergraduate students and conduct research.