Alyssa Raymond

Ottawa, Ontario

Fridaynight-12:00am-MACSmilk-minus30degrees-P.J.s-Furcoat-slippers-truthordare-assinsnow-southcarleton-prankcalls-british-moviestar-hotels- Rent-A-Brother, MOSH PITS=Hospital@1am Yelling at the sk8er boys through the car window*Kissing SLUT*15mins. eh Sarah*GettingFelt Up by Strangers{mia,rory?}*Loosing ppl at concerts and in mosh pits{Laura?}-New York New York... Always My Snooky Baby, Always Your Tish.Crazy fist fights with random Boys, smashed into far too many walls-Wanna Spoon?-Llama's in Wal-Mart? Hell YES!-Bi Curious? Absolutly! Sarah is My Soul Mate, My Sista, My bitch. Ice Princess Attacks!, She's as cold as ice... never ending mistakes. Always in trouble. Always resucued. 160 on queensway? Not so cool Sarah, Its a Frackin Jetta. Ride on Dudes!CalgaryAB. So Fast so Furious - The Bug Vs. Gizmo-I'm a virgin, can I show you some Grade A Alberta beef?I'll fucking kill him- Not before I FUCKING KILL HER tho. I'll Jump that horse faced bitch like a fracking spider monkey jacked up on mountain dew- Hmm hello my name is: Random? Got some Pot? I'll Let you Molest Me on the Dance Floor-Sarah I Love you:Your my Best Friend*sluring words*I'm soo Drunk But your my best friend*pass out*- GEO-DUDES on the #2 "hello!"- Its A Convoy:Butterfinger/MarsBar/RoloRandal-YeHaw Bitches-PUT IT IN MUH PIG HOLE! *read w/accent*: "I'll Eat You For Dessert"- KELLY You bring out the big girls: I'll Bring Out the little ones.One more Shot won't kill me... Sarah Remember that shit stain on your hand: ITS A BIRTH MARK! BUTCHER/KEVIN/STU WTF! Bar Fights Baby: Run and Hide Lys. Randal if you ride me like that bull you can lay me anyday- Remember Your My Lesbian Lover for Over a Year- I LOVE YOU GUYS-April FUCKIN EH!- How Hard can you suck: BONG- Good Time En Le Garage! You Touch My Hash Brown I'll Eat Your FUCKING DOG!Love You Christen! Kingston WHAT! I'M GOING TO PEE! Ass On The Solar Panels Eh Jason-Christen I Wanna Marry You!! Sam I'll Be Your Groom Forever!Quick Sam Get THe GOGGLES (binoculars) COme On Sam Don't Let Heritage Hold your Lil Hands Back!! STALKER THE THIRD!?! Holiday Inn Whoot!... Fuck the damn drinking Game.. Screw You boys!-Fucking Hamster Babies(Hey Can I Poke Them?)- SMOOCH

  • Work
    • Forensic Investigations Canada
  • Education
    • Sacred Heart Catholic High School
    • Algonquin College
    • St. Lawrence College, Ontario