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Alyssa Birchfield

My name is Alyssa Birchfield, and I am in the process of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media + Communications from Arizona State University. I currently live in Orlando, Florida.

I most recently worked at a Resident Intern in the Media and Communications Department at NewPointe Community Church in Dover, Ohio, where I was responsible for various writing and editing services, social media strategizing, as well as website editing and maintenance. Many of my experiences there inspired me to pour into my blog, Honey & Pearl, which has grown to over 2,500 followers.

I love to find art and creativity in everything I do, whether it’s design, writing, baking, teaching, crafting, or any number of unconventional ways. Some of the ways I enjoy expressing my creativity are through brand mentoring, blog design, writing editorial pieces, developing social media strategies, and honing my skills in graphic design.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University