Alyssa Green


I'm Alyssa Green and I am a freelance writer with 8 years experience in the search marketing industry. Here are some reasons why you should hire me:

I try to write from my own experience and conduct in-depth research using sources other than Google.

My content is 100% unique. You will not find another version of it anywhereon the internet.

I know how to write for readers and how to give them the information they want.

I know how to write search optimised content and how to make use of related words and long tails while keeping the content free flowing, informative and natural.

My Background

After working in the search marketing industry as an editor for 8 years, I decided to take leave my job and spend more time with my family and work on my own projects. Working at a top firm was a great experience and allowed me to develop a very broad range of skills - most of which I still utilise today.

Apart from writing, I am also a web developer and have experience of building Wordpress sites. I am also fluent in HTML, PHP and able to design graphics and logos using Photoshop.

Samples of My Work

Here are some samples of work from my site,

Contact Me

If you would like to request a free quote for a project, please contact me using the "Email Me" button below. Alternatively, you can visit my site and use the contact form to submit your message.