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Clothing Brand 100% recycled / Community 100% engaged

Result of the merger of «ammà» means «mother» et «bùmi» means «Earth» Tamil, the official language of Tamil Nadu, South India.

Amaboomi, «Mother Earth»

The apparel industry is unfortunately today orchestrated by questionable principles, such as "fast fashion", where new generations use the "fast food" way: a consumption based on quantity, with items always having a shorter lifetime, and of course, often at the expense of quality.

Given this situation, we want to offer, beyond the termination of this phenomenon, an alternative to this practice, combining comfort, quality and durability, while participating at the massification of the recycling ideology in our society.

And this is the way we have chosen, the recycling way, althought beeing a basic act within the reach of all, it’s still far from becoming a common practice. The idea of not producing but to reuse, to recycle materials, is an ideology that we support. And while at it, we wanted to push the challenge even higher: designing quality products exclusively made from 100% recycled materials!

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