Amaete Umanah

Amaete Umanah

I am a passionate, infectious entrepreneur and Founding CEO of Pontaba, Inc and nKanika, Inc., which I started by raising capital through friends and family in 2011 to fix the broken process of making games cross-platform and multiplayer on any web enabled device using HTML5 cutting development time in half and leveraging Pontaba’s amazing analytics, distribution, and monetization partnerships.

As the founding CEO of nKanika, we took the classic game of WHOT! that is very popular in Nigeria and created a game on iOS, Android and Facebook. WHOT! is the Nigerian Version of Uno but much, much better!

As chief executive, I strive to instill the company with my passion for success, smart & innovative thinking, and vision for creating the perfect gaming development platform. Prior to Pontaba, I consulted with several companies doing business development.

Before that, I worked at Control Engineering, a systems engineering and integration firm where I performed technology business development helping companies achieve goals through automation in the oil and gas, chemical, water treatment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, utilities, material handling, manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

I received his BSEE from the DeVry University at Pomona, California where I was the president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Having grown up in two countries and worked in 6 countries, I enjoy traveling and experiencing different world cultures.

I am also a sports enthusiast and former track & field athlete who has been involved with soccer and cycling since childhood.

I live by the motto, "Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius."