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Amanda Morrissey-Brown

Art Gallery Host in Wellington, New Zealand

Amanda Morrissey-Brown

Art Gallery Host in Wellington, New Zealand

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Name: Amanda Morrissey-Brown

Age: 24

City: Wellington

Country: New Zealand

Relationship: Locked in

Education: University of Auckland (2011-2012), Victoria University of Wellington (2013-2014).

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, double major in Art History and English Literature. Honours in Art History.


Forgers, Thieves and Conmen: A Brief History of Art Crime in New Zealand. (Pending. Pantograph Punch).

A little bit: I find it quite difficult to explain my personality, especially when I know I do things without realising I do them. I once read a crazy fact, one that I had never actually considered, which revealed that you are never able to see your true self. Sure we see photographs and reflections, but I don’t know how I look when I read or when I’m thinking or when I’m sleeping.

I like to think I can be quite funny at times, I get a silent thrill out of making other people laugh. I am a ‘people person’ most of the time. I do like some me time here and there but I enjoy talking to people and meeting people. I don’t think I could ever to a desk job, a desk may be involved at times but I would ideally like to be out in the world exploring. I cannot spell very well even though I love writing, maybe because it helps me understand a bit more about myself.

I feel like there is so much emphasis on being ‘original’, ‘unique’ and ‘knowing who you are’, but who really, truly knows who they are or is completely original? I believe I am first and foremost a product of the environment in which I was raised. I have been constantly influenced and shaped by the people around me whether intentional or by accident. My uniqueness stems from the fact that the series of experiences I have had within that environment differ slightly from everyone else.