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Amanda Rae

Los Angeles, CA

I can't wait to help you explore your place, your space---and perhaps even find the person you want to share it with.

I'm a native Chicagoan who remains amazed by the discovery that her heart belongs to Los Angeles---and still has trouble admitting it during a Bears game.

After over a decade of corporate, academic, and non-profit project management where I explored questions of romantic attraction, identity, perception, healthcare, political ideologies, and social networks, I dove head-first into following my heart, seeking ways to bring the stories, knowledge, and connections behind her research to life. I rely upon my abilities as an intuitive and empath to provide coaching sessions for those seeking to remove blocks in their lives, open themselves to what lies beneath the surface, and bring their next phase of growth to light. Learn more at my website,

I'll forever love legends, questions, and people! That passion spurs my drive to connect as wide an audience as possible through film, radio, live interactions---and romantic connections. In addition to my work as an intuitive coach and matchmaker, I'm also an on-air personality and content producer for KPFK 90.7 and on-camera host for Studio Ignite, where I delight in discussions of society, philosophy, and self.

My lifelong tendencies toward curiosity and exploration are bolstered by my degrees in psychology and biology from Northwestern University, Masters degree in Social Psychology from Yale University, Political Psychology certification from Stanford University, and Public Health Fellowship at Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile---all of which provide scholarly balance to my innate sense of whimsy and wonder.

I infuse my off-time (and on-time when I'm lucky) with dancing to Spotify's finest, wishing for a good Chicago thunderstorm, filling my plate with every cheese possible before finding wayward hiking trails, clandestinely setting up friends, and streaming episodes of Parks & Recreation on repeat.

  • Education
    • Yale University