Amanda Factor

Chicago, IL

I am a logistics enthusiast, yoga obsessed, and fitness driven. I will never turn down a glass of sauvignon blanc or cinnamon sugar cupcakes. I love to travel and dive into new cultures. Born and raised in Chicago, IL and known to brag about it.

I am a transportation specialist for Chicago Messenger Service and Veterans Distribution of Chicago (the two greatest companies on this planet) with a strong focus on sales, marketing, warehousing, and business development. Basically, just trying to bring the sexy back into logistics and saving you some money, time, and headaches on your shipping needs.

Favorite City: Tie between Venice & Istanbul

Favorite Tv Show: SharkTank, The Profit, American Greed

Favorite Artist: Van Gogh

Favorite Team: Blackhawks...Obviously!

Favorite Ice Cream: Cappuccino Chocolate Chip

  • Work
    • Logistics specialist for Chicago Messenger Service