Amanda Davidowitz

Sustainability Professional in Portland, Oregon

I am an enthusiastic, insightful and motivated young professional, dedicated to a career of inspiring and participating in sustainable urban development. In September 2013 I moved from New York City to Portland, OR to attend the Portland State University Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program. I graduated in June 2015 with my MURP degree focusing on Environmental Planning and Community Development, along with a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability.

Living in NYC for nine years made me passionate about urban living and inspired me to apply to PSU’s MURP program. Now that I have graduated, I plan to build a career focused on environmental sustainability in the built environment. My main interests right now include green building, climate change mitigation, disaster preparedness & recovery, and urban farming. I am excited to work with innovators within the public, private and nonprofit sectors on projects that aim to create cities, communities and buildings that are thriving ecosystems equally supporting human life and the natural world. As an organized, detail-oriented people person, I enjoy enabling others to reach their full potential, thinking imaginatively and creatively, and being a supportive team builder and leader.

In my free time I'm catching up on my to-read list (next on my list is Urban Green: Architecture for the Future by Neil B. Chambers), learning more about urban sustainability and green building, volunteering, attending theater and concerts with my friends, watching TED Talks, and meeting new people!

  • Education
    • New York University 2008 & Portland State University 2015