Amanda Deng

Louisville, Colorado, United States

Born and raised in Beijing, I rode bicycle along Forbidden City going to school every day. From my earliest memories, I have always been fascinated by airplanes, rockets and any means that enable human to reach beyond the blue yonder. When I was 10, I read about the unofficial altitude record by the X-15 and I made up my mind to work on some vehicle that is cutting edge. Then a 4-hour airborne experience going from Beijing to Kuala Lumper, gave me a different perspective of the world, and I set a goal study Aerospace engineering at that moment.

August 12th of 2003, I came to US the first time, after leaving the family and the country that raised me, to a land of dreams and opportunities. Without much of a foundation in English and completely foreign to the western culture, I spent the first 2 years quietly absorbing, adapting, and most importantly, preparing for the undergraduate degree of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at the Ohio State University. I received a full scholarship for the first year of college for my high school academic performance and standardized test scores. The AP tests I had taken made me start at a higher level of math and science, and in turn gave me more time for professional experiences.

I began my professional career as early as the second quarter of my freshmen year in college. Goodrich Material Simulation and Technical center (MSTC) interviewed me and I became their intern for the following 6 months. Under a polymer scientist, I obtained full time experience researching Carbon Nano fiber/tube material. My first assignment was to learn how to use the newly purchased DMA (dynamic mechanical analyzer) and design experiment to test material properties while improving the fiber dispersion: I spent much of my time in the lab and get hands on experience with composite material.

In summer of 2008, I started two back-to-back internships at Goodrich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes (AWB) in Troy, OH. The first three months was with Sustaining Engineering, a liaison between design and customer support engineering. I was emerced with real world problems on the wheels and brakes of Bombardier and Airbus jets: from dynamometer testing and data interpretation, to validating material change for cost reduction. The second term with AWB was project engineering on the wheels and brakes system of 747-8, coordinating qualification testing to Boeing and FAA standards.

Because of my acquaintanc

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    • Sierra Nevada Corporation
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    • Ohio State University