Amanda D'Agostino Budyach

Photographer, Designer, and Small Business Owner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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My passion for photography started thanks to the beautiful scenery of The Henry Ford and the Henry Ford Estate of Dearborn, MI. For my high school graduation gift, my parents gave me a Canon SLR and my collection of lenses and filters grew fast. I would sneak off to local historic sites and spend hours taking photos. For me photography was always my happy place. Behind the lens of a camera nothing else matters.
In 2008 I made the jump and moved from Dearborn, MI to Baton Rouge, LA. It has really been the last few years of exploring a whole new world that has brought out my creative side. Louisiana has so much history, beauty, and detail that you just don't find anywhere else.
It is my pleasure to finally share my passion with you in hopes that I can bring a little happiness to your life as photography has for mine.