Amanda Gowland

Project Manager, Writer, and Internal communications in Amsterdam, Netherlands

When I was 16, a bully in my class publicly declared that I didn't deserve to go to university because my mother couldn't afford to pay my tuition. From that moment on, I promised myself that: 1. I would determine my fate, not a bully, 2. I would never let "how I grew up" define my future prospects and 3. I would always be empathetic. Not only did I go to university, but I went to the top journalism programme in Canada. When I graduated, I sold everything I had to buy a one-way ticket to Europe in search of adventure. A decade or so later, here I am in Amsterdam: a successful communications career in an international technology organisation, a home owner, a mother, a volunteer and just generally - a very happy person with an eye open for a new opportunity.

  • Work
    • RIPE NCC
  • Education
    • Ryerson University