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Amanda Healey

Vancouver, BC

I'm seeking a team of strategic, creative super stars to collaborate with in Victoria, BC in a full time UX position.

This team may be focused on web, mobile, social or experimental channels, but whatever the project, the team is passionate, capable and works hard to deliver exceptional results. The organization and it's employees support and share their clients principles to create authentic, innovative, value-driven strategies that increase brand awareness and the bottom line.

There are opportunities to be mentored by senior staff, and to mentor those in more junior positions. My solid understanding of design principles, sense of humour and positive attitude are appreciated and mirrored by colleagues.

Working collaboratively across disciplines I'll define intuitive and inspiring systems, processes, and relationships that drive great user experience. I'll participate in research, concept development, identifying solutions, and pitching those details and the big picture to agency leaders, colleagues, client stakeholders and executives. I'll be responsible for giving and integrating constructive feedback into design that easily tracks back to measurable results. Over the course of a project (of which I'll be working on several at any given time) I'll eliminate flaws in strategy, refine design and pursue opportunities for additional innovation, all working within the requirements set by the user experience goals.

If you're looking for someone like me to fill a position in your team now or will be in the near future, check out my portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or drop me a line at hello (at) amandahealey (dot) ca.

  • Work
    • Microsoft Studios
  • Education
    • Vancouver Film School