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Amanda Radke

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with two Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish, I love traveling and experiencing new things. I've been living in Richmond since August 2011 when I moved from Virginia Beach to study at VCU, and I'll be here until at least July 1st, 2015 working and taking classes to earn a certificate in Spanish to English Translation and Interpretation. Who knows where I'll end up after that!

I'm thinking my next step will be studying linguistics in graduate school, and maybe teaching English as a second language. I hope to one day visit all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica), and have already been to Europe and Africa aside from North America. My favorite place to go has to be Paris however, and I will never pass up an opportunity to visit.

When I'm not travelling I work full-time at VCU and take classes. Never passing up a slice of pizza, a hot cup of coffee, or a glass of good wine, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and cat while watching Netflix or cooking up something new (that I probably found on Pinterest).

  • Work
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
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    • Virginia Commonwealth University