Amara Van-Lare

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Amara Van-Lare, fomerly known as Amara Blessing Nwosu is a woman who has seen the bitter side of life. Given out in marriage at the age of seventeen, Amara would go through 14 years of domestic violence and emotional torture. She survived it and now, she's a voice to the voiceless. She fights the cause of helpless African women, widows especially. She speaks out against domestic violence through her public speaking and writing skills. She holds on strongly to her faith on Christ. She has helped a lot of marriages and relationships through her godly counsel and conferences. Amara is an author of two books, a newspaper columnist, upcoming TV talk show host, and a blogger. A recipient of the Red Cross Dunant award due to her many humanitarian works, Amara has passion for the poor and downtrodden. A social and religious activist, Amara speaks out against the oppression of the masses by the government and clerics.

  • Work
    • Founder Dorcas Generation Initiative
  • Education
    • University of Lagos, Nigeria
    • Protocol School of Washington
    • London Institute of Counseling