Adrianne Marcia

Musician, Singer, and Volunteer in United States

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Her smile and contagious laughter are evidence of a woman who's better than she was before. The process is what she sings about and the reason she engages the community.

Adrianne Marcia was born in '85 to a Filipino-America soldier and was the first of four girls. Like many girls, she was raised by a single mother, but later made ties with her African American roots when she and her father reconnected.

She thinks of herself as a classic woman who creates experiences and sets atmospheres through the musical medium and the calling-to-action from behind the podium. Performance is for entertainers, an area that Adrianne Marcia has learned fits her less than a simple space with a stool, a mic, and a musician or two. A night with A.M. is more like a stirring of the deepest and brightest of emotions. She likens it to the mixing in Clara Obscure paintings- a beautiful collage of highs and lows, taking you on a journey through your own heart without having ever left your seat. Adrianne Marcia's music is personal, singing of her own love stories, encounters with Christ, and the comings-to of her own self through rugged and radiant times.

Her influence as a speaker draws attention to matters of the community, such as domestic violence and the fight against child sex trafficking, issues that especially vex her. She determines to use the gift of influence to not only bring awareness to such causes, but to cause the local community to "do something" rather than turn away from a fellow neighbor in need.

On August 1st, Adrianne Marcia and many of her colleagues launched a community-wide event, EYES WIDE OPEN, educating teen girls on the signs and effects of child sex trafficking.

Adrianne's calling is to those who need a leg up, whether by musical inspiration or by community engagement, so as to become their greatest. Adrianne Marcia completed her Bachelor's degree in May 2014 with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. She plans to use her degree to advance the Kingdom of God in every position which she holds.

  • Education
    • Georgia Regents University