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Hello there! firstly, make sure u read all of these before request ok.

*৩ଂ˖I just want to tell u that I'm really protective over my kins, husbando, or anything u called it so if any of these characters from my MAIN kins are your kins too, please don't request ok;

*৩ଂ˖ My main kins *৩ଂ˖

*৩ଂ˖Hisui Nagare — K: Return of Kings ( obviously )

*৩ଂ˖Mizuhara Riku & Rei , Kasedera Chiaki — Short Cake Cake

*৩ଂ˖ Shigure & Hisame — XShina

*৩ଂ˖Nikaidou Leo, Ichimiya Asahi — Handa-kun

*৩ଂ˖Xerxes Break , Elliot Nightray — Pandora Hearts

*৩ଂ˖Joker, Bravat, Gregory Violet, Undertaker — Kuroshitsuji

*৩ଂ˖Breunor, SantaClause — Divine Gate

*৩ଂ Abeno Haruitsuki — FnM

*৩ଂ˖Yagami Tomoe, Ida Amatsu, Senoo Tasuku — Prince of Stride

*৩ଂ˖Ferid Bathory — OnS

*৩ଂ˖Otosaka Shunsuke — Charlotte

*৩ଂ˖Mukami Ruki & Kou — DiaLovers

*৩ଂ Judar,˖Titus Alexius — Magi

*৩ଂ Hosokawa Twins, Nagamasa Midori — AxK

*৩ଂ˖Shinohara Kouta — Hatsukoi Monster

*৩ଂ˖Mejojo V.G. , Arles V.F.— BWS

*৩ଂ˖ Mitsuhide , Ieyasu , and Shichisuke — GnH

*৩ଂ˖ Gareki , Yogi — Karneval

*৩ଂ˖ Ujou — SQ

*৩ଂ˖Reon, Momose, Yuu , Hinoyama — DC

*৩ଂ˖ Isara Mao , Hidaka Hokuto , Nito Nazuna — Enstars

*৩ଂ˖ Higemaru Touma - TG:re

( and many more but that's it ^ )

*৩ଂ˖Don't request / follow me too if :

🍵 You kin with my MAIN kins.

🍵 You are a spy

🍵 You just want to complain about who claim these characters first or whatever u complain about idfc (눈.눈")

🍵 You are a stalker , like no pls just get out

🍵 You follow to unfollow like seriously get out.

🍵 U actually hate me / pretend to be nice to me :/

🍵 You start drama.

🍵 You know me irl. ( bc I don't want to disturb my irl friends,ByE )

*৩ଂ˖《 there's a possibility that I might accept u even u kin with my main kins but sometimes it depends tho 》

*৩ଂ˖ThankYou for ur time! Have a nice day 🌿

⠀DM me a picture of any character from my main kin to be accepted & as a proof that u read this