Reasons why Meg's a fail.

Cardiff, Wales

Oh hai, gurlfriend. I'm Megan May McNaughton... Call me Meg if you wish:3 I'm a fangirl, I guess. I'd prefer not to tell you my age until we're a bit more friendly;) -Just putting it in that I'm young not old before you think I'm a paedo bye-

I live in Cardiff. I'm Welsh and Scottish but I mainly sound British so don't worry xD I'm bisexual and I like cats okay yeah.

I like bands, youtubers, reading and tv... I'd list them but we'd be here for hours.


The Midnight Beast follow my twitter!

BOTDF follow my tumblr ok

Luke Cutforth follows my twitter ^_^

Christian Novelli tweeted me (Even better, it was about our wedding)

danisnotonfire replied to my youtube comment asdf

Amazingphil replied to my youtube comment asdf

I also fangirled a bit when NinkComPoop retweeted me but cheh.

I never breathe because whAT IS AIR.

Internet Friends are Better Then Real Friends.

Gerard Ways face is better then yours.

SEX AND WHITE LIESSS. Sorry I just don't know what to write anymore sIGH.



@EllaAbingdon: ok this girl is my twin and she's so awesome you won't be able to eVEN. But cereal, she is like the most perf thing ever. She likes youtubers and TMB too so you should follow her on twitter or tumblr. ( But you can't have her because she belongs to me and Stefan Abingdon so screw you.

@Char98mwah/charlottepandafullbrook.tumblr (Whore): This gurl is my whore ok. And I'm sorry to her friends who are into 69 year old guys but I'm just a young girl who doesn't really plan on fucking Charlotte ._. Yeah, anyway her and Ella are like the reasons I'm alive so like yeah, thanks for that you amazing sluts:') <3 oH AND CHARLOTTE MAKES YOUTUBE VIDEOS YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT AND SHE CAN SING BETTER THAN HARRY STYLES SO FUQU

@tashamoustacha: Okay this bitch is fab and she makes youtube also. We talk a lot and she is also amazing at drawing and she's really pretty so follow her twitter! ^-^ x

@pigfidgeon: Okay. I don't really talk to her much!:o But we've dm'd and tweeted each other and she is Ella's friend. Also, she's beautiful, okay:3 Follow her!:'D

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