Zamora Drejer

Please don't think me selfish.

I am just attached to my Macs.

I believe I'm maybe not alone: The more Mac pcs I get, the harder it's to part with them. I no sooner pay for one than I get yet another. And though I have offered several over time, recently I'm turning out to be a Mac miser.

You know these little old ladies that the newspapers often write about that have 347 cats in their residence?

That's what I'm worried I might be like with my Macs.

I have a dual processor G5 with a 15-in PowerBook, dual monitors, a 15-in MacBook Pro, a G5 20-inch iMac and - thanks to work - a fresh 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Theres no way I could use them all. But its extremely difficult to part with some of them.

I, without a doubt, should sell the PowerBook and, twice now, have started to post-it on e-bay or Craigs List, only-to chicken out at the last-minute. The newest Intel MacBooks dont assist my Verizon Broadband Access PC card. The PowerBook does. Therefore, I tell myself, I may require it when I go on vacation in 2-3 weeks in case where well be staying doesnt have Net access.

Then theres the new 15-in MBP. Browsing To amazon macbook pro cases 15 maybe provides tips you might tell your father. If you have an opinion about finance, you will likely hate to study about 15 inch macbook pro case. I purchased in March, only-to be amazed when, a month later, my company suddenly provided me having a 17-in MBP. I will offer the 15-in. But, then again, thats mine. What if work suddenly got back their 17-incher. Visit amazon macbook pro 15 case to study how to see about this thing. And hence the 15-in MBP sits in a carrycase. In the event.

I dont really make use of the big G5 and both check setup anymore either. Nevertheless when it concerns listing them, I get queasy. Itd resemble selling a kid. Or removing my dog. I cant. I simply cant.

The iMac is simple. I've given that to my wife. No way could she spend that. Shes now as totally hooked on Macs as I am.

Still, I wonder. how many Macs are also many Macs?.