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Kumar Balslev

The chic design of the D840 closely resembles the trendy LG Shine, whilst the functionality and attributes of the phone are very similar to the Samsu...

The Samsung D840 has set itself apart as one of the greatest searching slide phones accessible. Its sleek, curvy design and style appeals to all kinds of mobile telephone users and its classy silver finish tends to make a quite sophisticated phone. Not only is the D840 appealing, measuring only 12 mm, it is the thinnest slide telephone in Samsungs line up.

The chic design of the D840 closely resembles the trendy LG Shine, whilst the functionality and characteristics of the telephone are really equivalent to the Samsung E900. The large, reflective display screen delivers outstanding high quality, and the slide is smooth and extremely basic to operate. The navigation keys just beneath the screen are also simple to use, though the center crucial is designated as an world wide web button rather than the much more widespread menu choice.

Typical to slide phones, the D840 attributes a flat keyboard that is responsive and user friendly. Get more on tab 4 7.0 case by visiting our unusual article. The user interface is also wonderful for all levels of mobile telephone customers. Navigation via the menus is fast and simple. The D840 features a series of numbered pop-up menus to walk customers via every single choice with the touch of a button.

The Samsung D840 also characteristics a 2 megapixel camera that is capable of recording video as well capturing digital photos. Whilst the D840s camera doesnt examine to the top quality and clarity of the D900 camera telephone, a three megapixel version that involves auto-concentrate, the D840 still performs better than a lot of other camera phones on the marketplace. The placement of the camera, nonetheless, somewhat interferes with the sleek style of the telephone as it protrudes from the otherwise smooth back.

Customers can download ring tones, games, and other applications with little worry of overloading the D840. The phone features 80 MB of internal memory, as well as the convenience of adding an external microSD memory card. The expandable memory slot is straightforward to access, even with such a thin phone, since its positioned on the correct side of the handset rather than the much more common location behind the b