Anne Marie Bonardelli

Business Growth Consulting in Rochester Hills, Michigan

I love to work, almost as much as I love to dance. I have the privilege of being child number 4 of 8, and with it suggest a responsibility of facilitating communication, drawing out points of view from the older child to the youngest. Middle children sort of ‘get’ life. We desire success in simple ways, creating a life surrounded by faith, friends, family and responsible finances. In this middle child role, life has served me well. I was the only child to pursue an education with passionate determination, paying 100% on my own, including an occasional scholarship leading to a Master’s Degree in Management, working full-time at a growing IT company. And thinking I didn’t have enough to juggle – I dedicated my ‘free’ time to charitable organizations where I lived.

After 25+ years working for the intense greatness inherent in Corporate America, including a global focus working six years in Europe, I decided to ‘solopreneur’ it for the next so many years! My business is called 3Views Consulting, LLC which hopefully gives you a small clue to what I am about, and why my clients benefit from my unique style of business growth consulting.

Do you really think there's only ‘two sides’ to every story? I don’t. I believe that the holistic nature of the way our brains work, require us to learn more and formulate views that result in progress, satisfaction and can-do attitudes. I also support Sheryl Sandburg's recent messaging at a graduate commencement - "it's not what you learn in life, it's what you learn in death". Sadly, I have seen too much in my circle. However, each time -- growth awaited in the wings!

My professional background includes a cross-functional path with talent and experiences from Recruiting to IT Program Management in (Manufacturing), Healthcare, Government, and Finance and Language Access industries. Drawing on my middle child upbringing – I have figured out the benefits of working across organizations, rather than managing the narrow path of climbing up, up, up.

I enjoy diversity. I gain valuable insights working with clients directly, and I get especially giddy when clients become lifelong friends. I’m a huge fan of networking circles and I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn where you can learn more about my professional self.

If you book a consultation session with me – prepare for a future of business growth and an eventual business relationship and lifelong friendship.

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