Amber Baumer

Marketing and Communications in Manhattan, New York

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I graduated from Pace University in New York City with a B.A. (Hons) in Communication Studies in May of 2014.

Upon studying abroad in London, the britophile (must be a real word if it's in Urban Dictionary, right?) within me was revealed. I tend to admire Wales more than England, thus anglophile isn't quite appropriate.

As a media scholar, I have a keen interest in (and often succumb to) pop culture, trends, & brands. I am also quite fond of NYC (the brights lights & bagels in particular), pub quizzes (although I'll settle for karaoke), & creating highly elaborate Excel sheets of highly mundane nature (think fitness diary or shopping budget).

I have just returned to the USA after living in the United Kingdom for the past year on placement with Parkwood Leisure working throughout Wales & Southwest England as a marketing, management, & sales trainee.

  • Education
    • Pace University
    • Regent's University London