AmberLynn Vail

CEO in Las Vegas, Nevada

truth and lies I'm simple and I'm complex. I take life as it comes and try not to take it too serious. I'm in love with Film-making, my sweetheart phyc patient Justin, and my little dog Chaco who is now deceased and my Wolfe. I love all the arts and appreciate music like no one I know. I love life and I love the challenges it brings. I love to learn and I roll with the punches. If you are genuine...I welcome you--I am what you call a "True Friend"...if you are not--stay clear of me, as I have had my fill of bullshit people and their lies and games. Other than that I am a bit of a mystery and a contradiction. Do not let the tattoos fool you, there is depth here that most cannot comprehend. There is sincerity in my words and in my deeds, but if you mistake my kindness and loyalty for weakness, you are sorely mistaken and will pay one day-- one way or another. Reach for the Sky--

  • Work
    • Precision Tree
  • Education
    • Mt. San Jacinto High School
    • Palm Springs High
    • Tarrant County College
    • Saddleback
    • Mount San Jacinto College